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when watching inazuma eleven make sure the room is well lit and dont sit too close to the screen

Favourite Suite Precure scenes | Ako's Black Muse Boots
Precure 10th Anniversary | Cure Sword

What a timing to cosplay as Double M…

Last spring we decided to make these cosplays for this year’s Tracon and I’m really glad we actually did them. It was very fun! (Yet I apparently had the bracelet on the wrong hand whole day and noticed it only now…)

I might be posting more photos on my cosplay blog later tho.

Mizuki; Shincci | Mikuru; me

Also a lot of thanks to our photographer! I have no idea whether she has tumblr or not, so I can’t sadly credit her.

"Thank you for all of my precious days"

"Thank you for all of my precious days"

Ichigo & Akari Parallels: Episode. 16-97 
Aikatsu! Episode 16 - Hoshimiya Ichigo
WM's Last Performance