Precure Transformations | Max Heart - Doki Doki
We’re definitely going to win it next time. All of us are.

10th Anniversary Message | Episode 33 | Cure Muse

I was still little when I met him. He had no friends and he was always alone. He didn’t open up to anyone. Even when I call out to him, he would run off as if he didn’t hear me. But one day… He got into an accident and was hurt really badly. Luckily he was sent to the hospital quickly, but due to the shock, his body and spirit gradually weakened. That’s why I… For his sake, I worked so hard to make the rice that will make him feel better. He ate every last grain! And then he jumped at me, full of happiness and energy! At that time, I said this without thinking: ”I want to be with you forever!” 

You’re the me who hadn’t quite found that resolution.
The me who was scared to become a new person.
But I can change.. I will change!

Smile Precure! Princess Form

baka! baka!
baka! baka!

"Light of love, turn into sacred power: Love Prebrace!

Precure! Pinky Love Shoot!

Love, retreat to the skies!”

23|∞ - Happiness Charge Precure.


time out, aoyagi. tea break.

inspired by this gem (and probably only makes sense in context??). this is obviously where my mind went while reading it (≖‿≖)